Invox Finance Platform

Invox Finance Platform – An invoice lending platform connecting sellers, buyers and investors on the blockchain

The global invoice financing industry is estimated to be worth US$2.8 trillion dollars, and yet invoicing largely hasn’t changed over the past 100 years. Invox Finance will catapult this industry into the next era in 6 unique ways:

* Dynamic invoices
* Fractionalised invoice loans
* A decentralised platform
* Direct access to investors
* Lower rates for sellers
* A new way for investors to diversify

Invox Tokens

In conjunction with the Invox Finance platform, an Invox Token will be created on the Ethereum Network.


Invox Tokens will provide sellers with access to the Invox Finance Platform. Through the Trusted Member Program each seller will be required to pay a certain amount of Invox Tokens as a yearly membership to gain access to the platform.


The system will reward buyers and sellers with Invox Tokens for the verification and payment of invoices.


Token ticker: INVX

1 ETH = 10,000 INVX
1INVX = $0.10
Minimum 0.1ETH
MAximum TBA

Total cap: 15,500,000 USD.
Presale: 2.5M USD
Mainsale: 13M USD
ICO Starts on March 15, 2018

For more detail plaese visit invox website just click here .

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