Invox Finance announces partnership with Celsius Network and engages Alex Mashinsky, Founder and CEO of Celsius Network as an advisor

Celsius Network is a decentralized, global peer-to-peer borrowing and lending platform that aims to disrupt the consumer credit industry. It will allow its members to use their cryptocurrency as collateral in order to get a loan in dollars and, in the future, members will be able to lend out their crypto assets in order to earn interest.

Celsius Founder and CEO Alex Mashinsky, has previously founded several multi-billion dollar businesses including Arbinet and Transit Wireless, he is also the inventor of VOIP. A cryptocurrency holder since 2013, Alex serves as an advisor and investor to several Blockchain companies including Sirin Labs and MicroMoney.

Invox Finance aims to disrupt $2.8 trillion USD traditional invoice financing industry by introducing a decentralised peer-to-peer invoice lending platform that will allow sellers, buyers, investors and other service providers to directly connect, interact, share and distribute information through the Invox Finance platform. In addition, Invox Finance will introduce dynamic invoices on a distributed ledger which will provide all parties with the ability to update invoice information in realtime, insure immutability, and manage sensitive information access.

Invox Finance Pty Ltd was founded by members of the ABR Finance Pty Ltd team, a successful invoice financing company in operation since 2012 funding businesses throughout Australia with $30 million AUD in invoicing.

“ I am very excited to partner with Invox Finance to create a global lending platform that will allow Celsius members to lend funds to small and medium-sized businesses secured by their invoices. This will further enhance the range of services that we are offering to our community and will assist the business community in solving their cash-flow issues,” said Alex Mashinsky.

The partnership between Invox Finance and Celsius will create a truly global distributed eco-system that will assist businesses worldwide to grow and accelerate their cash-flow by connecting them directly with cryptocurrency investors that wish to finance their invoices with 9% interest rates. Both, Invox Finance and Celsius aim to completely eliminate the need for traditional financial institution’s involvement.

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